Safety and Appearance

We will work safely to protect ourselves, our customers and the public.

We will wear proper and appropriate personal protective equipment.

We will wear clean uniforms and clothing at the start of each day.

We will take pride in the appearance of our vehicles and in our workplace.

Communicating with Our Customers and Employees

We will communicate in a professional manner with all customers and fellow employees.

Our Customer Care Team will provide a "One Call Does It All" approach to our customer's inquiries.

We will be flexible every day with the utmost goal to support our customer.

If the customer is acting in an unprofessional manner, we will engage a manager to ensure our employees are treated with dignity and respect.

We will have total communication within and between departments to support customers and differentiate our service.

Junk/Waste Services

Allied Junk Solutions understands the unique challenges a Homeowners and Businessess face when it comes to properly disposing specialized waste in a way that’s both environmentally and economically responsible. USA Junk Solutions has the capabilities and knowledge to handle all of the needs for customers who generate special waste. We understand required waste profiling, customized handling, heightened safety measures, implementing unique disposal practices and much more.

Analytical and Profiling Needs

Allied Junk Solutions offers a wide range of special Junk/ waste services including Junk/ Recylcing stream identification and site waste audits. We can help you with all of the requirements regarding your analytical and waste profiling needs.

Fast Turnaround

Time is money. It’s important to keep our trucks moving in and out of our landfills quickly. By wasting less time during this process, productivity increases for your municipality.

Computerized Waste Tracking

Allied Junk Solutions has a cutting-edge waste tracking system that provides you with detailed disposal documentation. These documents are designed for your needs and give you the ability to always know when and what was sent.


Allied Junk Soltuions has the capacity to take on difficult-to-recycle materials such as electronics and partnering with our customers, business partners and outside experts to do it safely.

Certificates of Disposal

Bids or contracts may require a certificate of disposal. Let us know ahead of time, and we can ensure you receive your certificate promptly.

Focused on environmental integrity

We are dedicated to providing a clean and safe environment for our employees, our customers and our communities. We can give the peace of mind you need for your own environmental responsibility. Allied Junk Solutions limits your liability by employing skilled professionals and complying with all local, state and federal regulations. So you can be sure that your Junk will be cared for in a safe and compliant manner.