• Are You Licensed & Insured to do This Kind of Work?

Indeed we ARE! Our trucks and team-members are fully licensed and insured. Allied Junk Solutions is registered and retains all the necessary permits to operate safely and within the bounds of local laws and regulations.

  • Can You Give Me an Exact Price Before You Arrive?

Pricing is based on volume and nature of the material. We can not provide you an exact quote until we are able to physically see your junk. Once you book an appointment with Alied JUNK SOLUTIONS in Miami, we will review the range of prices for your area and based on the content and volume we can provide a basic rate range. Once our junk truck team arrives and assess the jobsite a formal price will be provided.

When Should I Book an Appointment?

It is best to BOOK as soon as possible, slots fill up quickly. Once you call, we'll let you know the availability in your area. Please provide us with the pick up address.

  • Why are Two-Hour Timeslots Windows of Arrival Required for Booking?

Our Junk truck teams will call you 30-45 minutes before your appointment time and provide a firm arrival time. This allows the Allied Junk Solutions Team to deal with unforeseen circumstances, due to traffic or other job sites that were larger than expected. Example: Should you have a selected window of arrvial can be from 7am to 9am, it means the crew can arrive anytime within those 2 hours

  • What if I am Not Onsite?

We perfer that our customers be on site when the Allied Junk Solutions truck team arrives. We call 20 to 30 minutes prior to arrival to inform you that know we are on the way. Should you be unable to be on site, the lead crew chief review your junk content upon arrival and call you confirmationing our arrival, junk inspection and provide an accurate rate. We accept credit cards over the phones (we will require online authorization form to be completed), PayPal, CashApp, Apple Pay and Coming Soon SamSung Pay.

  • I Really Need This Job Done but it Can Only be After Hours. Can You Do That?

Contact us and review available options. It is unsafe for our team members to do jobs when it is dark. Special arrangements can be made if required, call for further informatio.

  • What happens with the Junk?

It all depends on what you are disposing off. We will take some items to the transfer station and the rest to the dump. We are not a salvaging company or charity. We do our best to recycle as much of the junk we collect from your property.

  • Can You Take Hazardous Materials?

NO, under no cirsumstances will transport, haul or dispose of hazardous materials, our junk team associates and trucks are not licensed to carry such materials.

Can You Move my Junk and Other Items to Another Locations?

We are not licensed Moving Company. The keyword is "JUNK" and that's what our trucks haul. Allied Junk Solution can only take away those items you no longer need.

  • Why do You Charge for Your Services?

Allied Junk Solutions Truck Crews do all the loading, driving, clean up and transport to the dump and recycle transfer station. We're NOT a non-for-porfit, nor a Charity, we have to charge as we have to pay our employees, maintain our trucks, equipment, insurance, fuel & pay dump, station, enviornmental, transfer fees and taxes.

  • What Equipment Does Your Truck Team Come With?

Two effective USA Junk Solutions crew members are equiped with shovels, rakes, broom, some basic hand tools & a wheelbarrow. We do our best to come properly equipped in order to handle most removal jobs, but do note we do not operate heavy equipment machinery, nor do we carry ladders.

  • Why Would I Use Your Service Rather Than a Dumpster?

Two people come and do all the labor and clean up. We charge based on the volume that items take up in our truck, and there are over 14 different price increments. Dumpsters sit on your property, many municipalities require permits, expensive fees and you have to do all the loading and clean up yourself. You also pay for the entire bin, regardless if you fill it up or not.

  • How Big are Your Trucks?

The steel box on the back of our truck is 14 feet long, 9 feet wide and 4 feet high. It can fit six full size pick up truck beds.